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Mike Marshall, Dallas-Based Designer and Illustrator

That’s probably all you want to know… but just in case, here’s a bit more about me:

I’m a full-time creative director by day, leading a small team of amazingly talented designers. We’re trying to change the world. On evenings and weekends I delve into freelance work, offering services from corporate branding to children’s book illustration.

Why do you I do it? The answer is twofold. One, I’m a maker at heart and love every second of it. Two, I’m a dad! I have six — yes, six — beautiful children and an amazing wife that I get to share my life with. They make everything worth it.

I’m flattered that you’ve come to check out my work (and that you’ve read this far). If you have any questions or something to say, I’d love to have a conversation. Please feel free to reach out using the secure form on this page!



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